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Wrecking Ball
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Level editor item

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Special Item

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Available in Happy Wheels since version


The wrecking ball is one of the six hazards in Happy Wheels and is one of the original hazards, besides the landmine and spike set.

It is a giant, black ball swinging on a rope, causing a huge amount of force to be exerted from it. It can pass through interactive and even fixed objects with no noticeable change in speed.

The wrecking ball only has one toggle, besides setting the coordinates: users can determine how long they want the rope to be, ranging between 200 and 1000, 200 being the shortest and 1000 being the longest. 350 is the default setting.

Despite not being a very common hazard, the wrecking ball is a particularly deadly hazard, so it is advised to try and avoid it, as it can kill the character instantly, but it may also just harmlessly push the character.

The wrecking ball in action


  • When two wrecking balls collide, they swing the opposite direction and make a deep metallic clanging sound. This sound is also made when the wrecking ball collides with other permanently fixed special items like the rail and spring/paddle platform.
  • It might be a construction wrecking ball, despite the fact that it is hanging from a black square.
  • The rope is non-interactive, making it the only part of the wrecking ball that you can pass through.
  • It is one of the only objects that can knock the players forward (the second is the paddle platform.)
  • In scientific terms, the ball is considered a bob due to the fact that it bobs off the base.
  • The wrecking ball can't be destroyed, like the spring platform.
  • The only fixed objects that the wrecking ball can collide with are the rail and the paddle platform.
  • The wrecking ball takes up 3 shapes in the level editor.
  • The longer the rope is, the slower the wrecking ball will swing.
  • Although difficult, it is possible to hold into the wrecking ball without your arms breaking off.
  • Wrecking balls are often used in 'Don't Move' levels and 'Heart Donation' levels, where a character is effortlessly pushed throughout the level without dying (although you automatically die in heart donations).
  • Wrecking balls are also common in levels made by starters, in which the character is to be instantly killed.


  • Sometimes, when you click on a wrecking ball in the level editor, a tiny 5x5 square appears in the middle of the ball.
  • Two or more wrecking balls might get stuck between each other.
  • If the wrecking ball comes in contact with the rail at a certain angle, it may produce the metallic clinging sound repeatedly and loudly while it's stuck.