The title.

Where's My Bike? is a Flash animation created by Jim Bonacci. Beautiful Day and Where's My Bike? have an uncanny connection between the movies. In Beautiful Day, you can see the guy and the flying unicorn fly above the biker. You can see this in the slideshow below.


The plot starts when a biker dressed in blue is walking down the sidewalk, trying to find his bike. He creates mayhem by knocking down an old lady carrying groceries, and kicks down a crossing guard. He walks along until he sees another biker, dressed in red, standing next to his bike. In an instant, they get into a knife fight. The red biker stabs the blue biker in the stomach, and he retaliates by stabbing the red biker in the skull. As the red biker dies, the blue biker decapitates him and rides his bike down the sidewalk.

Watch the animation here.


  • Jim Bonacci refers to himself as James Bonacci, his biological name.
  • The art style of the characters is very similar to that of the characters in Happy Wheels and GameTest12, although there is no shadowing.
  • Jim did not upload a video of Where's My Bike? on YouTube.


  • The blue biker.
  • Knocking down a lady with groceries.
  • Kicking a crossing guard.
  • The red biker.
  • The fight.
  • Red biker's cut-off head.
  • The guy and unicorn in the background from Jim's last Flash movie, Beautiful Day.