Wipeout from wipeout
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March 17th, 2012

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4.08 (28,000+ votes)

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WIPEOUT is a featured level by FireNine09. It currently has over 20,000,000 plays, and a rating of 4.08 from over 28,000 votes. The level is based on a U.S. game show WIPEOUT, or TOTAL WIPEOUT, which features obstacle courses, and has inspired many WIPEOUT-themed levels (see frequent levels). You can play as any character.


The level starts at the starting point from where the obstacle course starts like in the show (such as the words "WIPEOUT" that are being hung). There are five floating platforms, but they will drop down a little if you put some weight on them; they will rise back up when there less weight on the platform. If you fall below the platforms, there is a spike set at the bottom.

The next obstacle is the "sucker punch wall", but since Happy Wheels is a 2D game, the punching arms are on the ceiling rather than the wall. There are seven punching arms that may kill you if they punch you hard enough. Due to its spread, this will usually be the end of the line for larger characters like Helicopter Man. You'll then reach the "big balls" obstacle, but you must be fast or else your path will be blocked. Like in the show, the red balls are "rubbery", but they are not very dense. If you fall, spikes will crush you. Be careful when you try to reach the next obstacle. There is a spike set next to and above the last ball.

The fourth obstacle is a treadmill (not the "dreadmill") with a two objects hanging on string. Behind the treadmill is a spike set. The last obstacle is the ball swing (the real name is unknown). There is the word "Grab" that was made using the polygon tool. There is also a fan underneath the ground that will help you reach the ball swing so you can grab on to it. At the right moment, let go, and you'll land on the finish line. Otherwise, you will fall into a spike set if you miss.


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