Viking Revenge 3
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Featured Level



Date created

January 4th, 2011

Play count



3.90 (17,000+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

Viking Revenge 3 is a featured level by Ironhead. It currently has over 8,500,000 plays, and a rating of 3.90 from over 17,000 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character.


You start next to a cave, there will be an explosion in the cave. Soon two heavy objects will crush you if you do not move. You then approach a small forest where there will either be a small ramp that pushes you up, or spikes will impale you where the trees get dense. Next, you pass a small tower with a custom made NPC, and you fall down a short but steep hill and into a carriage, and two doors will close to shield you. The carriage brings you past towers with harpoon guns attached to them, but the carriage shields you from the harpoons. Once you reach the bottom of the hill, you will knock down a wooden tower with a custom made NPC in it, and a fan will boost you out of the carriage. Then you need to jump over the wooden tower, and you go past a building. At the end of the building, a ninja comes out of a tree swinging his arms and will kill you if you get hit for too long. You then go across some gaps in the ground, with wooden bridges you go over in between the gaps. Once you reach the end of the gaps and wooden bridges, you fall down and if you do not go far enough, spikes will kill you. Lastly, you go forward onto the finish line which causes the victory, and if you have some speed, you will go across a finish line, onto a viking ship that brings you forward.


  • Third and only featured level in the Viking Revenge series.
  • This level became featured due to it making use of the harpoon gun.


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