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Available in Happy Wheels since version




The van is a miscellaneous item which was added with the original version of Happy Wheels. It is a blue van with a windshield darkening two seats and a steering wheel. On the hood, there are black windshield wipers.

There are 25 air holes below each wiper. Blue mirrors hang from the doors from thin poles. Headlights shine very dimly next to the grill. The tires are below the bumper, on which the license plate hangs.

The van has three toggles: Interactive, sleep, and the rotation. It also has the feature to break. If something swiftly hits it, something heavy crushes it, or if dropped from a great height with enough speed, the van will shatter and glass particles will scatter (if the "maximum particles" setting in the options menu isn't set to 0).


  • Brokenvan

    Van breaking.

    The van strongly resembles a G20 Chevrolet van.
  • The license plate reads in blue: IM A VAN, without the otherwise needed apostrophe in "IM". It is unknown what state or country the license plate comes from.
  • The van takes up three shapes in the level editor.
  • Strangely, when the van is destroyed, it only appears to have two wheels instead of four. This is most likely due to the 2D appearance.
  • If dropped from little height without it breaking, you'll hear it make a sound of it scratching the ground.
  • This item is commonly used in surviving levels where numerous objects fall on the player.
  • It is impossible to drive the van. Jim added the vehicle tool to drive custom-made vehicles.
  • Many people have requested Jim to make different van types, but Jim has yet to reply.