I'm creating this out of pure boredom because of the lack of activity on this wiki. So i thought i'd just bring up whatever is on my mind.

As Fancy Force seems to be quite a small team, i'd love to know what exactly what's going on in the FF Office. What are they currectly doing? Why the lack of news post or information? I'd really love to see this wiki be as active as it was when it first started. Damn has that 2 years of no update seem to be forever? I enjoyed updating and creating new pages on this wiki, but what's there to change, really? No update means no change.

Aaannnnyways, i'd like to know what's going on with you (the reader). I hate coming to this wiki to see barely any activity. Even a simple comment on a page can put a smirk on my face. As a Happy Wheels player myself with over 400 levels created, i haven't created a level since August of 2016. I lack tdeas for a level. Aaaw damn now just realizing, my laptop (not the one i'm currectly typing on) is having some issues. I have a level i've been working on since August and i haven't worked on it since November or December. It's still unfinished, but if my laptop breaks then i guess i'm screwed. I even had screenshots...i think. I don't remember, it's been a while.

Well i guess that's all that was on my mind, feel free to comment.

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