The lack of updating Jim does to Total Jerkface and Happy Wheels i feel like is what's causing a lack of visitors, edits, and comments to this wiki. I usually try to come here at least once a day to see if anyone has done anything, but just to see the latest move was an edit or comment i made to a page. It's kind of frustrating. Goes to show how much us people can be sucked into the need of social interaction on the internet.

In other news!

I've noticed that most of the featured level articles have lost a lot of accuracy in terms of information overtime, and i've been thinking if there is any other way to increase the time it takes before having to edit it back to accuracy. And i'm talking about the play counts and ratings. Obviously being too specific with the numbers of play counts and ratings will not work, but are the current play counts and ratings too specific as well? It would be fantastic if it was possible for the play counts and ratings to update each time it does on Happy Wheels so we won't have to go article by article changing the amount of play counts, within a few weeks to a month have all the pages lose its accurate information.

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