Hello all,

So Pogoland is pretty much all done, just gotta add some background art and stuff. I'd like a selected few (of all skill levels) to do some early playtesting and recommend some changes. Just request in the comments and I'll PM you a link to the level data (I can't do it here because the messeges aren't private, I can do it over Youtube, Twitter, Steam, Discord, or whatever works for you).

This level is quite long and hard (as is all my other levels lol), so I added buttons that lets you skip some parts. I've never seen this done in a level before.

I haven't seen any activity on this wiki for a while, so I genuinely don't know if anyone will see this. 
Pogoland 2

Thanks everyone,

-Mr. Larry

EDIT: I uploaded to my Youtube channel for the first time in over two years with a new announcement video! 
POGOLAND! Upcoming Level Announcement

POGOLAND! Upcoming Level Announcement

I feel both joyful and sad at the same time...
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