This game! I love it! It’s gory and horrific but I love it all the same! It never gets old getting sad/mad and hearing as your rag doll characters wails when it’s dying. At the start of the game you can choose from various options of unlikely racers to guide to the finish line in order to complete a level. Choosing one out of the many funny characters is always a challenge for me because they’re all so much fun, with unique features but equally interesting to use after starting off with Segway guy. There’s a father son duo, a man hopping around on a pogo stick amongst other interesting characters. There are a number of challenges and obstacles you have to jump or race over, dodge, or outrightly run away from to make it to the end of each level without completely getting crushed. As you advance in the levels you can perform tricks, exit your vehicle and hang on to surfaces to escape the exploding mines that are constantly appearing. The game developer has mentioned that he made the game so gory because he was tired of characters in videos games actions not getting any real repercussions for their actions which I think is such a great idea although I don’t enjoy losing a foot because of a poorly executed landing. My first few tries in the game were quite laughable and I barely made it far without loosing an arm or a leg or a torso while being crushed to nothing but that just made me want to keep moving forward, and now I consider myself quite the pro lol. I’m yet to complete the game and I must say I’m quite curious to see what happens in the last level so I intend to completely master and make my way through every obstacle course no matter how many times I get crushed. I’ve been known to take a challenge head on although it can be frustrating when your character gets totally dismembered. If you would like some gory and challenging racing fun then I absolutely recommend playing happy wheels. There is an app for iOS devices and androids but I think playing on a pc is a the best idea. I play the game online here and you should totally check it out. All the flying limbs and blood may not be ideal for young kids to play so you may want to supervise younger players. The graphics and sound effects are great so everything feels more intense and real.

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