I have some Ideas for this Sequel. So here we go!

Curves to Rectangle Shapes, Rails and Spike Sets should be Added as an Option in their Options Panels.

Light Objects Like Streetlights, Lighting Entities, Global Lighting and Lighting in General should be Added, so Levels can have more Mood and Atmosphere.

Effective Shopper's Groceries, Santa's Presents and the Trash Can's Trash should be Added to Special Items.

NPCs should have their Feet Breakable, having the Spine, Intestines and Other Organs and should have a Simple way to Walk. Via Checkbox

Walking Options:

Speed: Adjusts the Speed, so they can Walk or Run. (Ya Fool!)

Type: Makes the NPC Walk Differently in Style, Types are Normal, Formal and Zombie.

Run: Checkbox that Makes it so that the NPC will do the Running Version of the Walk Style that is Chosen.

Materials should be Added, so Again, Levels can have more Mood and Atmosphere. And the Footsteps of the Elves and Walking NPCs Change Depending on the Material Type, and even the Thuds and Impacts Change Depending on the Material Type.

Material Types, from A to Z:

Cardboard, Carpet, Chainlink/Fence, Concrete, Dirt, Glass, Grass, Gravel, Ice, Metal Grate, Metal, Mud, Plaster, Plastic, Sand, Snow, Tile and Wood.

Liquids, they can be Useful for Underwater Levels, Pools, Caves and Sci-Fi Levels.

Liquid Types, from A to Z:

Acid, Blood, Lava, Slime and Water.

That's All the Ideas I've got for now, see you Next Time.

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