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  • I live in MY HOUSE!
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is I will be in a band soon!
  • I am HERE!
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I'm Jesse Mack. I guess i could tell you little about me! How about how i discovered Happy Wheels! Read below! By the way, i'm working on a picture of Wheelchair Guy (>>>), removing his facial hair! Not with photoshop, that's sh*t. I use paint! You'll be impressed! I like making suicide levels! I have made multiple accounts on this wiki, my first was was grandpaJoeWCG, which i sadly lost, i would have had a lot on there. I sometimes like to show off my art work, I'm pretty good at it, my opinion, it's not really my fault i like to add pictures to the wiki, most pictures sometimes need to be added to the wki, some pictures i just like to show off, show-off photos of mine will obviously be posted in my slideshow. I also have a habit of editing things and adding things to pages! I just want to make things better looking for this wiki!

My discovery to Happy Wheels

One time, in 2010, around December, i was always interested in ragdoll games. I played on sites like Free Web Arcade, and Ragdoll Game. But i discovered the game on Keep Busy. I was playing The Torture Game 3. When a scrolled down a bit, i saw a picture of Irresponsible Dad. So i thought "woah this seems cool!". so i clicked on it. I waited...then...LOUD GUITAR STARTS PLAYING! The song startled me! I see Wheelchair Guy on the menu and i'm like "wtf?". So i clicked play, a lot of levels i see there. I guess i started with the first one, Happy Green Hills. The character selection screen pops up. I was surprised! Really cool looking, so i placed the cursor over the boxes, each character came up! I was amazed by the detail of the characters! It was really neat! So i saw Irresponsible Dad again, so i clicked on him because he was on the little photo i saw. So the level starts, wondering what keys to press: up, down, left, right. So i started going forward. Down the slope, pressed space, fell forward faceplant, and "....oh my god!!! :D" HIS ARM BREAKS! I was amazed by the game i found! "I just found the game i was looking for!" i said in my head! I have been searching for a game like Happy Wheels! A few weeks of playing the demo, i decided to try the full version! So i clicked the link and Total Jerkface comes up! i click the banner, menu comes up, clicked play. "wow! more levels!" i said in my head. So i go by the first level i played in the demo, (Happy Green Hills). Selection screen once again, i meet another character, Moped Couple! "AWEsome!". I click them. Played around with them. Then months later, on March 12 2011, i make my first account! "jumbo man"! A few days later, when my account logged out, i forgot my password! So i created another one! jumboman.On April 2, 2011, after losing them both, i made another one. "grandpa Joe WCG".


The photo i saw on the site.

My current account i had for a year and 6 months. My birthday of my account is April 2, 2011.

My best creations

I would like to give out my best creations on Happy Wheel! You may have one, some, or all! any pick you may have them! I creations are:

  • Christmas House
  • Gut Chipper
  • Double decker
  • Weed Remover 1000
    My HW creation

    Here are what they look like, just so you wouldn't think i'm lying or think they will look nooby.

  • School bus
  • Baggage Handler (GTA IV style)

You may Email me at, or at

Upcoming level(s)

I'm creating a new level that i hope will be featured. It's a detailed tutorial obby level that will help new users! It would help if it was on the demo. If it becomes featured, i won't know what to do next. It would be my first. Here are some photos of what i have done so far, and what it looks like up close. This will hopefully be the first level with Effective Shopper. Although there is a small glitch that has stopped me from finishing the level. But i have made a test level, you may play it here.

I'm also working on a funny rap level with the trigger tool. It's not gonna be perfect though. It's gonna me called "Grandpa Joe Rap"!

Rap trigger

The rap level, it's gonna be done in a while.


  • Hairstyles!
  • I edit there look! Gross eh?
  • Same with them! they just switched there looks!
  • I found this when i looked up Box2D on Wikipedia.
  • Wheelchair Guy is no more homeless!
  • These corpse are fake, i just turned it into Irresponsible Dad! Not my best work.
  • My google homepage i just made (9/22/12).
  • I used the Slim Jim logo and made it Jim Bonacci!
  • I'm now working on Effective Shopper's arm. but only half so it will be simple. and now the top of her head is complete simply.
  • What wheelchair Guy really looks like on the main menu of Happy Wheels but you can only see this at this demo.
  • The second the menu pops up, it will appear at the bottom of the screen as the fanfare is playing.
  • If you don't understand, the background on Happy Wheels loops. The darker blue part, as soon as it reaches, it will spawn at the top.
  • I made this myself! This my idea!
  • Looks like Jim has't learned all of his grammar! -_-
  • Here's my shit quality idea for a sliding joint!
  • Damn!


Happy Wheels How to

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