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grandpa Joe WCG

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April 2nd, 2011

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Minecart Adventure

About Me

I'm grandpa Joe WCG. The "WCG" stands for Wheelchair Guy, because he's my favorite character. I once gave the name grandpa Joe to Wheelchair Guy because i use to call him that. I've been a long time member of the Happy Wheels community since February 2011. My current name came about 2 months later. This account was made back in 2013 but I've been a member of this wiki longer than that. I just had previous accounts lost for unspecified reasons.

I'm an admin of this wiki, and am currently trying to keep this wiki as clean and informational as possible.

I'm also a digital artist. I draw stuff. Mostly related to Happy Wheels. You can find some in my creations slideshow below. I upload new art stuff every once in a while.

My videos


Happy Wheels - Shot to the back of the head


Happy Wheels - Too Fat

My creations