aka The Gaming Mack V

  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Digital artist.
  • I am Male
grandpa Joe WCG
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grandpa Joe WCG

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April 2nd, 2011

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Minecart Adventure

About Me

I'm grandpa Joe WCG. The "WCG" stands for Wheelchair Guy, because he's my favorite character. I once gave the name grandpa Joe to Wheelchair Guy because i use to call him that. I've been a long time member of the Happy Wheels community since February 2011. My current name came about 2 months later. This account was made back in 2013 but I've been a member of this wiki longer than that. I just had previous accounts lost for unspecified reasons.

I'm an admin of this wiki, and am currently trying to keep this wiki as clean and informational as possible.

I'm also a digital artist. I draw stuff. Mostly related to Happy Wheels. You can find some in my creations slideshow below. I upload new art stuff every once in a while.

My videos

Happy Wheels - Shot to the back of the head

Happy Wheels - Shot to the back of the head

Happy Wheels - Too Fat

Happy Wheels - Too Fat

My creations

  • This is a recreation of Jim's rabbit.
  • My character I created base on Jim Bonacci.
  • I'm making myself as a character in Happy Wheels.
  • An old NPC I've created a while back.
  • A somewhat old bald man who looks similar to Irresponsible Dad I created in the Level Editor.
  • My recreation of Wheelchair Guy's fist made with the art tool in the level editor.
  • Here's an Irresponsible Dad face texture i made. Used for 3D modeling.
  • A level that was in progress at the time. I lost all data after my computer broke.
  • The same level as mentioned before, sadly lost. What's left of it.
  • My artwork of Irresponsible Dad's head (Proudly retweeted by Fancy Force).
  • I created Wheelchair Guy's head.
  • I use to work on a main menu version of Irresponsible Dad.
  • I'm quite disappointed that I couldn't find a way to create the face.
  • My Irresponsible Dad artwork decapitated.
  • Jim dressed as Wheelchair Guy. Just when i try to make him look bald.
  • Jim Bonacci as Irresponsible Dad.
  • A fan made character I made NOT in the Level Editor.
  • Wheelchair Guy looking mad confused.
  • The head hair of all characters (excluding Santa)
  • Robojim is in the works
  • Built just right.
  • I placed the unused Robocop skin over Jim's old interactive head using paint...
  • Irresponsible Dad with legs (excluding feet).
  • I'm not sure how i feel about this.
  • Longboard Guy
  • Longboard Guy without the longboard.
  • A clown.
  • A heavily obese man.
  • I created myself in the same art style as Irresponsible Dad on the Happy Wheels T-shirt.
  • I gave myself a helmet in this one.
  • Jim hasn't heal from the accident in almost 10 years now. Some say he's still burning to this day.
  • Jim's poor face has been mutilated and ripped off.
  • Wizard Jim.
  • Metalhead Jim. I redid this one and overwritten the old one. Old one didn't look good.
  • New one vs. old one. You decide.
  • Jim's Discord profile picture edited to look like Irresponsible Dad.
  • Made this American Idiot styled artwork using the heart from the game.
  • Some Wheelchair Guy art i made.
  • Wheelchair Guy's Halloween costume which was my Halloween 2019 Discord profile picture.
  • Created my own layout design for Total Jerkface.
  • Artwork of Segway Guy i made. Base on an Obama gif.
  • Concept art i made for a grenade launcher.
  • Helicopter Man as Heavy from Team Fortress 2.
  • Lawnmower Man as Demoman from Team Fortress 2.
  • Pogostick Man as Scout from Team Fortress 2.
  • Segway Guy as Spy from Team Fortress 2.
  • Irresponsible Dad as Engineer from Team Fortress 2.
  • Wheelchair Guy fan art i made using my head as a canvas.
  • Divine Intervention's background at a different angle.
  • A Satan faun i made in the style of Divine Intervention.
  • Segway Guy fan art i drew.
  • Concept logo i made for Divine Intervention. Specifically part 2.
  • A champagne bottle i made in the style of the bottles in Happy Wheels.
  • A very detailed Irresponsible Dad
  • Pixel character I made inspired by the featured level 1. Starving Hobo.
  • Helicopter Man's gyrocopter.
  • Fan art i made of Toni Cipriani. Protagonist of Liberty City Stories
  • Background and name added
  • Divine Intervention Priest fan art.
  • The black and white variant. This was used in the DI2 April Fools Discord 2020.
  • Segway Guy as the demon business man from Divine Intervention.
  • Wheelchair Guy as the old man in the trash can from Divine Intervention.
  • Hippie Wheels.
  • No idea why i put this guy i made in this position but he's an interesting character.
  • Motorcycle Man NPC.
  • Mr. Clean has seen some dirty things.
  • The main player of Jim's abandoned GameTest12 fighting game.
  • The opponent in GameTest12.
  • A business man character, slightly resembles Segway Guy, but is not based on him.
  • "The Lurker" hiding in the dark...
  • The roller blade.
  • Irresponsible Dad using the roller blades.
  • I created a red Vespa scooter (My first saved SVG).
  • Vespa Couple.
  • The walker in detail.
  • Wheelchair Guy using a walker.
  • The roller skate.
  • Irresponsible Mom using the roller skates.
  • A unicycle.
  • A clown on a Unicycle.
  • A motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle Man on his bike.
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