One of Udie's levels.

Udie, like PhysX, Bert, iDeViL360, kirbypwnage and Mystic, is a level maker and moderator on Total Jerkface.

He joined Total Jerkface on September 16th, 2010, and was made a moderator on January 3rd, 2012, soon after Mystic was made a moderator.

He was possibly made a mod because several users had started to rebel against PhysX due to him threatening to delete user's accounts for posting "pointless memes". Though this is uncomfirmed, and it is just as likely that he was made a mod so that he could help to delete stolen/copied levels which clog up the user level browser.

Udie's first post as a moderator was simply "Swag.", which for a short while, became an unofficial form of initiation for new moderators, though this appears to no longer be the case. He has retired from Happy Wheels, due to the community not being "as active as it used to be", and saying that "the levels got progressively worse". He may occasionally comment on news posts however.


  • His levels seem to have a lot of clouds.
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