Featured Level



Date created

July 30th, 2010

Play count



3.81 (8,600+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

TrapTrac is a featured level by vophex. It currently has over 5,300,000 plays, with a rating of 3.81 from over 8,600 votes. The level consists of many hard-to-avoid obstacles, considering this level to be quite tough to beat. Segway Guy is the forced character.


You start off with the finish line just left of you, but two blocks stop you from going on it. First you go down a thin gap, then onto a red button which makes part of the ceiling fall over a pit of landmines. If you go in the pit before this happens, you will be squashed and/or explode. Then you will go down a thin gap with small rectangles in it that you must pass, and to another red button. This one makes very dense spikes (triangle shapes) fall, so be fast!

Then you will need to get across 2 rope bridges with spikes above, so no matter what happens, don't jump. Once you get across, there will be a boost which pushes you up, then to the left. You then go up a ramp, and under a floor. The floor moves out of the way when you push it. When you come back down, you go onto the floor that you just came up under. You then go back, and do the same thing with two more blocks.

You then get boosted up and across by boosts, and there is a block in your path, but when you touch it, it will fall in the floor, and you can easily go across it. Once you go forward, you will come across three crushers. The best way to do this is go fast, but go slow towards the end, as you will get spiked if you go too fast. You then fall down, and there are more boosts which push you back, towards a cushion which you may get stuck in. The finish line is just ahead of that, and after completing the level, you will hit landmines and very likely explode.


  • TrapTrac is the 8th oldest featured level.
  • One of the few featured levels to be in the demo version.