TJF Moderators

Total Jerkface, like most sites with user content, has site moderators. For a long time, the site had only one moderator, PhysX. PhysX is a well known level creator with many featured levels, such as Goblin Workshop FIX. Jim later added several more moderators, MysticUdieBertiDeViL360, kirbypwnage, Fatality14, and LWPeterson in that order. The most recent moderator to be added so far is Wings and Strings, who became a moderator on March 30th, 2016.

The site moderators were given different jobs, such as PhysX's job, which involved moderating the forums when they were present, and Bert's job involving deleting levels that break the rules. Every moderator had the ability to delete any level and/or replay, regardless if they were created on a different account. Currently, all moderators delete rule breaking levels and ban users.

Unlike "normal" users, moderators can "mega vote" levels. This means that they can give a rating to a level and set how many votes they'll give it. This can be done as many times as they like (compared to "normal" users who only get to vote once).

List of Site Moderators


  • Mystic, Bert, IAmVeryBored and LWPeterson are all administrators on this wiki.
  • PhysX, iDeViL360, kirbypwnage, Fatality14, IAmVeryBored and Wings and Strings all have at least one featured level.
  • It is unknown whether the current moderators will also moderate the upcoming sequel to Happy Wheels.
  • Many of the moderators appear to have become inactive. Exact reasons for this are unclear, but likely are due to decreased activity of the community and lowered quality of levels. This has also led many popular users to abandon the site.
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