Profile page

Jim Bonacci's profile page.

A Total Jerkface Profile Page is a user's profile page in which anyone can view. The user can access their own profile page by clicking their name on the top right corner of the page. Profile pages that don't belong to you can be accessed in the Level Browser by opening a level then clicking on the username of a person, in the featured levels menu by selecting a level then clicking the name in blue under the title, and clicking on the name on Total Jerkface, which will be shown in blue. The profile page shows the "user info" about a user, which contain his/her join date, email (some users hide their email), website, and location. Users could also edit their own user info after creating their account.
User Profile

A login user's profile from their perspective.

Above the user info are the user's levels, replays and favorites. Like in the user level browser, the name, rating (weighted rating), and the publication date of every level and replay is visible, but not the number of votes nor plays. The link to play the levels are right next to the date they were created on. People can access this to play levels or view replays that the user has created.


Old profile page

Jim's old user info where the user rating and the link to send him a message was present.

After Jim's creation of Total Jerkface, the user info text were more squished in. After a few months, the text became more spread out, and the new "user rating" feature got added along with a link to send the specific user a private message. The user rating was based on how highly rated the user's levels were. In mid-2012, both features got removed.

The users who were on their own profile page can delete any level or replay they choose. Site moderators had the ability to delete any level and replay regardless if it's someone else's profile page so they can delete rule breaking levels. After a recent update for Total Jerkface, levels can't be deleted through anyone's profile page anymore.


  • The user rating feature could be exploited by having a level highly rated, and deleting it. The user rating does not get affected by this, so the user can create more levels and get them highly rated to increase it.
  • The first profile ever since the creation of Total Jerkface was created by Ben Haynes. But this was only a test profile. The second one was created by Jim.
  • The old user profile page had a user's levels, replays, and favorites all down the page. This was then put into sections to make it organized or easier to find what you're looking for.
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