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Special Item

Available in Happy Wheels since version


A token is a collectible special item added in v1.48 on September 30th, 2011. They are the first and only 3D items in the game. Tokens are used as an alternative way of completing a level. There are six different designs:
  1. A skull with six stars around it.
  2. A pizza slice that looks like it's falling or crashing on the ground.
  3. A pentagram.
  4. An axe surrounded by nine dots.
  5. A bowling ball knocking four bowling pins over with a star in the top middle.
  6. A peace symbol.
Happy Wheels token count

The token count seen in the top-right corner of the screen.

When a token is collected, an 8-bit sound is played, similar to the one used in Super Mario games when coins are collected, only the pitch is lower. When all the tokens in a level are collected, the level ends in exactly the same way as when a character crosses the finish line, along with the triumphant fanfare and the text saying "VICTORY".
Victory - sprite 1468

Victory animation without completion time.



The tokens spinning. (The speed shown on this image is approximately 50% faster than the speed in the game.)

  • It is rare for a level to have tokens as the main method of completion; the level maker will most often put a line of tokens, but also have a finish line.
  • Secondary characters can also collect tokens. Levels can be completed this way even after the primary character has died.
  • If your character is alive, removed limbs (such as torn off arms) can also collect tokens.
  • Tokens spin clockwise in 3D before they are collected.
  • Putting a huge amount of tokens in the level editor will cause the level editor to either freeze or crash.
  • Putting multiple tokens on top of each other results in a louder noise when collected.
  • Like the boost, even though this is a non-interactive item, it will still count towards the shape limit, not the art limit.
  • Tokens will still spin when the level is paused.
  • The pentagram token is often used in groups of 5 as a way for asking the player to rate 5.
  • Tokens are also used as currency on the Happy Wheels Discord, in which they are earned by reporting levels, as a daily reward for chatting, and also randomly shown in the general chat.


  • For the first two weeks of use, there was a glitch, where when a player restarts a level, the token count in the top-right corner of the screen would double or even triple. This small bug has been rectified and the number showing the token amount required for completion now stays the same.