Happy Wheels Wiki

Used to define article tags


|image=         (Highly recommended - Defaults to no image)
|imagesize=     (optional - defaults to x60px)
|imagelink=     (recommended to link to template page - defaults to no link)
|title=         Top title
|titlecolor=    (optional - Font color of top title. Defaults to black)
|subtitle =     Bottom title
|editbutton=1   Adds "Edit" button to edit article - leave out if not used
|seesimilar=1   Adds "Similar" button leading to category - leave out if not used
|fullwidth=0    Makes the article label not go 100% width. Used for section mode.
|category=      Category the tag adds to the article. Used for "seesimilar" parameter
|whatsneeded=   Allows definition of what's needed within template. Set to
                {{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{{1}}}|}} on template page