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The television is a miscellaneous item added to the game in V1.37 on May 6th, 2011, along with the chair, bottle, and boombox. The television resembles a CRT model, possibly from the 1980's era. It is a beige color on the outside, with a greenish-grey screen which is switched off. There are two small knobs and six rows of speaker gaps. It has 4 different designs for the second level of destruction. The television only has two toggles, interactive and sleeping, the latter of which can only be set if interactive is checked. Like most special items, there is a rotation setting.

The television has 3 different states:

  1. No damage.
  2. Broken screen, loose speaker cover, and moved dials (4 different variants).
  3. Shattered into 3 pieces, with red, orange and blue wires visible.

Wheelchair Guy near some damaged televisions, ordered by type 2, 1, and 3.


  • The television takes up 3 shapes in the level editor.
  • The television can't turn on.
  • The screen and speaker can break in 4 different ways, excluding the entire television breaking. These occur randomly.
Television Damage States

All of the television's damage states.

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