Table and Chair
Table ad Chair
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Special items

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Available in Happy Wheels since version

1.0 and 1.37

The table and chair are miscellaneous items in Happy Wheels. The table was released in the original release of Happy Wheels in the first version of the game, but the chair was released in V1.37 (May 6th, 2011). The chair is very fragile, whereas the table is much more durable. These items are usually just used as scenery, although they are sometimes used in WWE levels as something to slam an NPC down onto. They are listed separately in the Level Editor, as they are not a single item. Both the table and chair are wooden.
Broken Tables

The top surface of the table can be broken in half after the legs were removed.

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A broken chair (left) and a broken table(right).


  • When the table or chair breaks, it does not release any particles, even if the "maximum particles" setting is set to at least 1.