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Superpretzel is the Happy Wheels theme song written by Jack Zankowski. It plays when you first go on Happy Wheels, even in the demo version. It also appears in the mobile version. The song is most known for its electric guitar to end it. Jack's website pekopeko.com has now since been a domain page since 2014. The reason that the song is called Superpretzel is unknown, and Jim revealed that Happy Wheels and Pekopeko have no relations. Superpretzel does not have lyrics (and probably never will), for it is fully instrumental. It is Jack's only song not to be on one of his albums. Jim said in one of his news posts that you can ask him to make more Happy Wheels songs on his website.


  • It is unknown if Superpretzel will be the theme for the Happy Wheels sequel.
  • SuperPretzel is also a brand of soft pretzels.