Sub. 51
Sub 51 main photo
Featured Level



Date created

November 29th, 2010

Play count



3.48 (6,200+ votes)

Playable character

Wheelchair Guy

Sub. 51 is a featured level by Totalassface. It currently has over 4,000,000 plays. and a rating of 3.48 from over 6,200 votes. Wheelchair Guy is the forced character.


You start off on a small podium (with "51" on it, which later shows that you are the 51st clone in the test), where you were placed from a chamber above. You move forward, opening two doors to begin your tests. There is text (but not text from the text tool as it has not been released yet) ahead saying, "SLOW" and above that, "WELCOME SUB. 51", "COMPLETE TESTS TO BE RELEASED" and "SLOW".

Now, there's text that says "TEST 1.". Test 1 contains two fast spinning gears that will possibly kill you if you touch it, but there are triangle shapes that will lead you up to the gears, so you must go slowly up them. Just ahead is more text ahead that says "TEST COMPLETE". Next, is Test 2. Test 2 contains a ramp with a spike set above the gap, and gears that will crush you into the "SUB REC BIN". After that, there's more text that says "TESTS COMPLETED", "PROCEED TO EXIT" and "SLOW". As you move ahead, you will enter the "termination" room with a red gear attempting to move ahead and kill you. The pathway back will be blocked and you must escape.

Once you reach the "IN" in "TERMINATION", a platform will drop, causing you to fall into a grey pipe, and at the end of the fall, land on a girder. Above the girder, there are a few clones of Wheelchair Guy and his wheelchair, who are numbered "52", "53", "54", and "55". Ahead is a gap that you will fall into. Lastly, there are more rotating gears, they're rotating slowly, and there's an opening on one part of the gears that you have to go through. The rotating circle will show when it is safe to proceed. The higher the circle reaches, the closer the safe area will appear. After that, you'll reach the finish line.


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