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January 27th, 2012

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4.20 (54,000+ votes)

Playable character


string is a featured level by IAMURHUSBAND. It currently has over 35,000,000 plays, and a rating of 4.20 from over 52,000 votes. You can play as any character.


The story is love story between a living string and the player. You begin, and see the the string. Then, you come across a gear volley. When you are right on the edge, wait for the string will build a bridge, then go across, but don't touch the spike set above. You come down to an elevator, and see a large chunk of glass. The string would destroy it. Then, the string would say, "U[HEART]ME? NO?", form into an angry face, and will explode.

Next, the string will form into 2 rectangles, then into 4, and then they will fly up. After a second, an arrow will point to the left telling you to go there for recommended safety, then the rectangles will fall very fast on the right. Afterwards, a stick figure will open a box that contains a mechanic device. Run to the next room before you get crushed by very dense circle shapes. Then, the string will show a heart, and a brown creature (possibly Headache Puppy) would say, "I do not approve of repetitive romance". He will punch the string, and you will find yourself on a grass surface, along with the finish line.


  • This level has a sequel called strings. It is also featured, but has less plays and a lower rating.
  • During April Fool's day 2012, IAMURHUSBAND changed String to 74832174839274891372.


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