Spring Platform
Spring Platform
Level editor item

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Special item

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Available in Happy Wheels since version


The spring platform is a movement item. It is made up of two parts: a fixed gray platform, with a small digital number display on it and two arrows pointing upwards, and another platform on top of that, which is colored with black and yellow stripes as a warning. The upper platform will bounce up into the air a short distance if touched. A user can set the "delay" which determines how long it will take the spring platform to spring up after it is touched. If an object (often a body part) gets stuck between the spring platform and its base, the platform will jam and won't function until the object is removed or is pushed back with enough force. Often the object will pop out and onto the top of the spring platform if it is small enough. Spring platforms are commonly found in levels for their ability to send objects up into the air without complex machinery involved. In some levels, though, they are just placed as the floor, and many non-player characters will be placed on the map, and the level will be called "earthquake". These are also used commonly in don't move levels to bounce a character around without the player having to do anything at all.


  • The arrows turn green when the spring is activated and are black while resting.
  • There are 5 toggles for the delay: 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 seconds. If you try to delay it longer, it will automatically reset to 2 seconds. In the mobile version, however, you can insert any number between 0 and 2 that goes up to two decimal places (e.g. 1.74 or 0.99) and interestingly, it will not reset to one of the 5 toggles shown above.
  • The spring platform is similar to the paddle platform, only the paddle platform pushes you forward instead of upwards, like the spring platform.
  • These are commonly used in don't move levels to bounce a character around without the player having to do anything at all.


  • When you put a rail in one side of the platform it will bounce to another direction, thus showing that the spring platform item is made of two different parts and works similarly to the paddle platform.
  • If the platform touches a circle shape with its density set to "NaN", everything will start "melting" downwards unless something is on a rail or if there is something attached to a pin joint.
  • Similar to the glitch above, if the glitch has been performed when there's something attached to a pin joint, every fixed object except rails will turn into a black hole.


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