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Spike set
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For the singular spike blade weapon, see Blade Weapons.

The spike set is one of the six hazards found in the level editor of Happy Wheels. It is also one of the three original hazards, others being the landmine and wrecking ball.

When a character lands on the spikes, they are stuck on them until they wiggle themselves loose or get pulled out hard enough, if they can. If the character's head touches a spike, they are instantly killed. A character's body might even get ripped to pieces if they are dragged along the spikes.

When in the level editor, users can determine how many spikes they want to have in one set, ranging from 20 to 150, and whether they want it to be fixed (always stay in the same spot and support any weight) or not.

The spike set is capable of being joined to other objects, which is quite rare for hazards. Segway Guy (If you do not bend down), Irresponsible Dad, Moped Couple, Lawnmower Man, Explorer GuySanta Claus (but not his elves), and Irresponsible Mom (but not the girl nor the baby) are able to drive over the spike set without becoming stuck or hurt, while Helicopter Man can fly over the spike set with no problem.

Since the spike set doesn't allow singular spikes, the blade weapon allows users to make a singular spike that functions closely to the spike set.


  • If you set the rotation on the spike to "-", the spike set will become non-interactive.
  • With the black hole glitch it may become non-interactive and can be used as art.
  • When a non-fixed spike set has stabbed a rail, the rail will bleed as if it were a character.
  • If the melt glitch occurs, getting stabbed by the spike set will send you to the top left of the level (as if you have touched a black hole).
  • In the mobile version, the sleeping setting/option does not work.


  • The character's arms and legs do not collide with the spikes, but when the character's legs and arms break off, only the limbs from the legs and the upper arms (shoulders) will collide.
  • Spikes are commonly used at the bottom of levels, especially rope swings to discourage cheating.
  • If you do not hold shift (default key) while driving with Segway Guy over spikes, he will repeatedly sit on the spikes and get stuck. This should not happen if you hold down SHIFT on your keyboard, then he will stand up straight on the Segway.
  • The spike set takes up 3 shapes in the level editor.
  • If a character touches the tip of a spike, even if it is a very slight collision, the character will still be harmed, yet in an exaggerating way.