Speed bridge
Speed Bridge wheelie
Featured Level



Date created

September 17th, 2010

Play count



4.32 (98,000+ votes)

Playable character

Irresponsible Dad

Speed bridge is a featured level by hooteka. It currently has over 56,000,000 plays, and a rating of 4.32 from over 98,000 votes. It is known for looking much like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. Irresponsible Dad is the forced character.


You and your son venture across the marvelous Speed Bridge, which needs repairs (there are two holes in the bridge). You start on a small ledge with a sign with an exclamation point on it. You soon fall down a steep part of the bridge, and soon after there is a hole in the bridge which you must cross. If you successfully cross the first hole, you will go on solid ground with some plants. A boost then pushes you over the next part of the bridge where there will be another small gap.

Once you cross the second gap, there will be numerous amounts of small gaps that are easy to pass. A boost then gives you extra speed, and shortly after you come across solid ground again with a loop. Most users go on the loop to gain speed, however, some users skip the loop as they feel it is not important. After you pass the loop, you will go straight down into a small cave. Next, you go on a curve that makes you go more horizontal, and then go across a second loop in which the finish line is at the end of.


  • Fifth most played level.


  • In the 1.52 demo, this level has the most plays.
  • It also has a sequel called Downhill, which is also featured


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