Rope Swings
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Featured Level


Jim Bonacci

Date created

December 15th, 2009

Play count



3.51 (25,000+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

Rope Swings is a featured level by Jim Bonacci. It currently has over 6,500,000 plays, and a rating of 3.48 from over 20,000 votes. This level appears to haven spawned the Rope Swing levels. Segway Guy is the forced character.


The level starts you out on a rectangular platform, with a rope swaying back and forth in front of you. You must time your jump correctly, eject, and swing over to the spring platform, which you will then need to position yourself so it boosts you over to the second rope, if successful, the second rope will swing you over to the finish line, missing any of these will make you fall down into the spikes.


  • It's possible to win the level by falling on the spike set without killing yourself, jumping and ejecting, grabbing the side of the finish line, and swinging up on to it.



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