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The old Total Jerkface release log.

Release Log redirects here. For the release log for the app version, see Release Log (App).

This page refers to the deprecated Flash version of the game. For the JavaScript remake, see Release Log (JavaScript).

**Note**: Due to the limited release log provided in the "about" section of Total Jerkface and the long time that Happy Wheels has been available and updating, this list may contain inaccuracies. All updates since v1.65 have been logged in the "Happy Wheels News" infobox on the front page and are considered accurate. If you would like to add to or improve this list, we request that you source all information added. Total Jerkface news posts, Total Jerkface forum pertaining to an update, or Happy Wheels Facebook status updates count as reliable sources. As for dates, Happy Wheels typically updates on Friday, so the date can logically be determined based on when its news post occurred. The current version of Happy Wheels can always be found in the bottom-left corner of the Happy Wheels main menu. The release log on Total Jerkface is currently down, but an archived page can be accessed here. The current (broken) version can be accessed here.

Version Date released Update Information
1.87i 01-28-2020 Title screen now has an added link to the Android version.
1.87g 9-29-2017
1.87e 8-26-2016
1.87d 5-11-2016
1.87c 11-2-2015
1.87b 10-29-2015
1.87 10-27-2015 Triggers can now be set to activate on mouse click. Triggered objects can now have multiple actions applied to them from the same trigger. Objects that can be double-clicked have a blue bounding-box when they are selected.
1.86 9-23-2015 Harpoons can now be set to a fixed angle. If this option is checked, the turret will aim in that direction and will fire as soon as a character crosses its path. Triggers can now fire harpoons and can also activate and deactivate them. Harpoons now have a little light that shows the state of the harpoon. If the light is red, it is in a normal state, blue means it has a fixed angle, green means it will only be fired by triggers, and black means that the harpoon gun is deactivated. Boosts now have a strength setting that goes from 10 to 100 (They were originally set to 20).
1.85f 8-20-2015
1.85d 8-19-2015
1.85c 5-18-2015 Changing limits on joints with limits disabled will now re-enable them.
1.85b 5-12-2015
1.85a 5-11-2015 Snapping with the art and poly tools now scales with the zoom level. Adding handles to vertices now puts them in a more appropriate initial position.
1.85 5-10-2015 Collision 7 added which allows shapes to only collide with characters.
1.84h 4-30-2015
1.84f 4-29-2015 Polygon shapes can now be scaled and reversed and the shape limit and art limit in the Level Editor have increased to 900 and 10000 respectively.
1.84e 4-27-2015 Shape reversing for polygon and art shapes, the snap distance for the last bezier curve has been changed from 3 pixels to 8, and other bug fixes.
1.84d 4-24-2015 Fixed copying creations using the art tool, and other bug fixes.
1.84c 4-23-2015 Bug fixes.
1.84b 4-17-2015 Bug fixes.
1.84a 4-16-2015 Fixed issues with previously published levels not looking right.
1.84 4-10-2015 Art tool added. This tool allows for more refined art.
1.82b 1-22-2015 Groups now have a "fixed angle" option, where dynamic groups won't rotate. Similar to the jet. A fullscreen button was also added to the pause menu.
1.82a 1-19-2015 Fullscreen mode updated, the delay setting for triggers can have a maximum value of 30 seconds (previously 10), groups can change all of their shapes' collision value via triggers, and other bug fixes.
1.82 1-16-2015 Fullscreen mode added, and level editor bugs fixed.
1.81 1-8-2015 Level editor bug fixes. Groups can now change collision settings via triggers.
1.80a 12-18-2014 A major bug that caused many triggers from levels created on earlier versions to be positioned at wrong coordinates was fixed.
1.80 12-17-2014 Shapes can now change collision settings via triggers. Groups can now be set to fixed initially. Triggers can start in a disabled state, their repeat interval setting has increased the maximum value to 30 seconds (formerly 10 seconds), and a bug that slightly moved them when loading a level's XML data got fixed (however, this only applies to levels that were created after the update). Non-fixed shapes now appear behind fixed shapes when they're set to be. Other minor bugs were also addressed.
1.79a 11-21-2014
1.79 11-14-2014 New sliding joint option. Found under the pin joint tab, the sliding joint allows an object to slide from one location to another, allowing for easy mechanics such as an elevator. 'Motor Torque' has been changed to 'Motor Force'. New trigger features are also added to both pin joint and the sliding joint.
1.78 10-27-2014 Bug fixes.
1.77 7-28-2014 A color dropper button has been added to the color selector in the level editor to replace the old color dropper, which required the user to drag the circle out of the color box to use the color dropper tool. This also fixed the "color glitch" that people had been encountering. There were also security updates.
1.762 7-18-2014
1.76 7-18-2014 Internal updates.
1.751 7-??-2014
1.75o 7-9-2014
1.75n 5-15-2014
1.75l 4-11-2014
1.75h 4-1-2014
1.75g 3-31-2014
1.75b 3-13-2014
1.75 3-12-2014 New, more efficient level and replay browsers, which includes a revamped search system, where filters must be manually searched for (to avoid unnecessary searches), a character head to show the playable character, and flagging has been disabled. Level and author search has been reactivated, favoriting levels now works, an arrow in the featured levels menu lets you see other levels by featured authors, publishing levels is now separate from saving, deleting levels can now be done in the level editor's "load level" menu, added debug draw mode in the level editor, triggers can now be triggered by other triggers, the line connecting the triggers will have arrows pointing in the direction of the receiving trigger, triggers can be disabled and enabled through other triggers, triggers now have a repeat setting, groups now have the same trigger actions as shapes, when copying and pasting triggers and shapes, trigger actions will now copy over, non-player characters can now be manually posed by double clicking on them and dragging their limbs, "hold pose" for non-player characters now works more closely to how it was originally intended, 2 new collision settings for shapes, and various level editor bug fixes.
1.72d 3-6-2014
1.72c 3-5-2014
1.72b 2014
1.72a 12-25-2013 Fix for the Helicopter Man character melt glitch when 'hide vehicle' was selected for him.
1.72 12-24-2013 Helicopter Man released, along with his NPC.
1.70 9-21-2012 Irresponsible Mom added, along with the NPCs of her and her children.
1.69b 8-15-2012


7-27-2012 Text opacity added.


7-21-2012 Trigger tool updated. You can change what the trigger will do (change opacity, impulse, delete self and more). Triggers also have an ID, so when connecting 2 triggers to a single object you can see the difference between them. If a dialogue box is too big (NPC for example) it shows up yellow arrows making scrolling in the window working.


7-6-2012 Trigger tool released for the level editor. Can activate objects or play a sound effect when collided with. The I-beam, log, spike set, van, and meteor have been given sleeping options.
1.65 4-25-2012 Level autosaves every 20 seconds. When the game tab/window has been unexpectedly closed, the level editor will load back the lost progress the level editor had before the tab/window got closed. If you curse in replay comments, a message box is triggered saying "your replay comments may contain risky words please change them. (sorry I have recently run the risk of losing advertising)".
1.64d 4-24-2012
1.64c 4-20-2012
1.64b 2012
1.64 4-19-2012 Text saying "rate [number]" will now trigger a message box warning you to not do it, as your level may be deleted by a moderator. Bug fixes: Polygon Tool bug fixed, and pasting polygons to different levels in the level editor now works again.
1.63c 2012
1.63b 4-16-2012 Pogostick Man is now fully functional when the "Hide Vehicle" function is enabled.
1.63 4-13-2012 Pogostick Man and his NPC added.
1.62a 3-?-2012
1.62 3-26-2012 Ability to hide vehicle, mute settings will now be saved, paddle platform added, NPCs can now release joints upon death, and Pogostick Man leaked in the "playable character" list in the user level browser.
1.61a 3-?-2012
1.61 3-1-2012 Load Level/Replay feature added to the main menu, an inner cutout for circles (to make rings/wheels/etc), wheel item added in level editor (now removed to be fixed), and new voices for Moped Couple & Lawnmower Man.
1.60g 2012
1.60f 2012
1.60e 2012
1.60d 2012
1.60c 2012
1.60b 2012
1.60 2-07-2012 Updated blood graphics & blood options, customizable controls, trident, and Effective Shopper randomly becoming the host of the main menu. Level background can now be a certain color.
1.58d 2012
1.58c 2012
1.58 1-25-2012 Added the vehicle tool, and shape collision 4 setting.
1.56a 1-??-2012
1.56 1-20-2012 Complete color spectrum for objects added.
1.55c 2012
1.55b 2012
1.55 1-10-2012 Polygon tool added in the level editor, level importing disabled, and bug fixes.
1.54 ? "Importable by others" option in the level editor disabled.
? 1-3-2012 A user can now upload only one level per 24 hours.
1.52 12-28-2011 Santa bug and "blue screen" bug fixes.
1.51a 12-??-2011
1.51 12-22-2011 Santa Claus added, along with NPCs of him and his elves.
1.50 11-22-2011 Blade weapons. Feature where shapes in the level editor move quicker when zoomed out was re-enabled (it was disabled on accident in an earlier update).

Graphical bug where the trash can would appear in front of the cannon was fixed.
Filtering levels with Explorer Guy now possible
Bugs caused by Lawnmower man going over rails was fixed.

1.49 10-28-2011 Cannon and food items. The bug where the jet still makes sound even when the game has been muted was fixed. Pressing "F" while testing a level will place a red dot precisely where the character is.
1.48b 2011
1.48a 2011
1.48 9-30-2011 Tokens added. The ability to edit groups in the level editor. Double-click on a group to edit one. Double-click the background to exit it. The unfixed triangle shape bug and the various bugs related to non-interactive special items which caused a crash when grouping them fixed. Ctrl+up and Ctrl+down commands added, which allow the user to determine how shapes should overlap each other.
1.47 9-16-2011 Arrow gun and chains added.
1.46 8-03-2011 Jet, Explorer Guy bug fixes.
1.45 7-22-2011 Explorer Guy and his NPC, rails.
1.43 7-14-2011 Homing Mine bug fixes + new explosion animation.
1.42 7-8-2011 Homing mine, toilet, and trash can.
1.41b 2011
1.41 6-1-2011 Lawnmower Man bug fixes. Shapes now have a "collision" setting (collision values go from 1-3).
1.40 5-20-2011 Lawnmower Man and his NPC.
1.38 5-17-2011 Signs.
1.37 5-6-2011 Chair, bottle, television, and boombox.
1.36 2011
1.35b 2011
1.35 3-30-2011[1] Glass panel.
1.33 2011
1.?? 2-23-2011 XML level saving/importing function.
1.32b 2011
1.32a 2011
1.31a 2011
1.31 2-?-2011
1.?? 2011 Harpoon Gun bug fixes.
1.3a 2-?-2011
1.3? 2-18-2011[2] Non-Player Characters, shape limit upped from 300 to 600, shapes remaining counter added to level editor.
1.?? 1-14-2011
1.30 ?
1.25a 1-?-2011
1.25 1-14-2011 Text. Shapes have an "opacity" setting.
1.23 1-4-2011 Harpoon Gun.
1.20 11-19-2010[3] Moped Couple.
1.111 2010
1.11 10-15-2010 Spacebar can be held to grab onto things, rather than having to press it at the precise moment, Segway Guy and Effective Shopper can now reattach to their vehicles by pressing space on the handlebars, Effective Shopper boosts into the air when ejecting, levels that fail to save can be saved again, level browsing cached.
??? 2010 Mute button in the options menu.
??? 9-1-2010 More sounds, intro music, better level saving, non-interactive shapes, sleep option for grouped objects, fixed featured level list, levels and replays only show up to 50 per page, searching for levels by name or author checks for all upload times, rather than the past week, completion time is displayed when winning a level, spikes work better.
??? 2006 - 4-6-2010 Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Effective Shopper, the level editor, shapes, special items (I-beam, log, landmine, spike set, wrecking ball, boost, fan, spring platform, building, meteor, table, soccer ball, van finish line) and pin joint for the level editor, replays, game menu interfaces, various additions and changes.
??? 2006 Wheelchair Guy and Happy Green Hills.