For the release log for the browser version of Happy Wheels, see Release Log (Browser).

This release log lists all current changes to the mobile version of Happy Wheels.

Version Date released Update Information
1.1.5 9-10-18 Levels 11-15 added for Effective Shopper.
1.1.3 5-25-18 GDPR compliance.
1.1.2 5-23-18 Reset level controls show up faster upon losing, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) consent pop-up was added for applicable countries.
1.1.1 4-18-18 Bug fixed where Pogo Stick Guy (who was also added in the mobile version) would spin uncontrollably.
1.1.0 4-10-18 Levels 6-10 added for Effective Shopper. Bug fixes.
1.0.9 12-21-17 Levels 1-5 were added for Effective Shopper. Number of levels required to unlock a single level from the "Select A Character" chapter was reduced to 5. However, this only applies to the Effective Shopper chapter. In order to unlock a level from the "Select A Character" chapter, one is still required to complete 8 levels from any of the other chapters.
1.0.8 10-2-17 Levels 11-15 added for Wheelchair Guy. The default sizes (as well as the maximum and minimum sizes) of all the types of shapes and building blocks were changed. Additionally, the size of the level editor stage was decreased.
1.0.7 6-9-2017 Levels 6-10 added for Wheelchair Guy. Another level added to the "All Characters" chapter, called Obstacles Galore.
1.0.6 12-16-2016 First 5 levels added for Wheelchair Guy, the option to remove blood/gore has been added to the Options Menu, Irresponsible Dad's child can no longer be hurt, tapping the page indicator in the chapter select will quickly navigate you to that chapter and minor changes and bug fixes.
1.0.5 07-14-2016 Levels 11-15 added for Irresponsible Dad, an additional level added to the "All Characters" chapter called Obstacle Zone , as well as a few bug fixes.
1.0.4 03-08-2016 Another 5 levels added for Irresponsible Dad. Various bug fixes.
1.0.3 12-09-2015 Five new levels added for Irresponsible Dad, a button was added in the "info" menu that directs the player to a website for support, bottles were added to the level editor, a bug regarding incorrect collision values for shapes in the Level Editor was fixed, another bug that caused jets to fire for twice as long as intended was also fixed and there were fixes to some minor glitches. Along with this, boosts and harpoon guns were given the same options as in the browser version. Landmines were given new options, such as "fixed" and "slow duration".
1.0.2 09-12-15 Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash upon startup on some devices.
1.0.1 09-11-2015 Happy Wheels can be played while listening to music, wireless controller support during gameplay (menu control coming later), the special button's (jump for Business Guy) hit area is slightly larger, opening a .happywheels file imports that level. It can then be played/deleted from the load level menu in the editor. You no longer have to search through emails or iMessages to find a level you were sent, better physics (fewer objects going through walls), blue loading screen displays for shorter period of time, minor bugs/tweaks, fixed some typos, fixed an issue which could prevent saving levels in the editor, fixed an issue which could cause app size to bloat when repeatedly opening .happywheels files, bug fix related to using blades in the editor, bug fix related to sharing a level in editor before saving, when you share a level that forces a single character, you can no longer change characters during gameplay.
1.0.0 08-19-2015 Initial release.
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