Happy Wheels is an integrate game and contains many references to movies, brands, and real world history.

Effective Shopper

Effective Shopper's groceries have several brand references:

  • Cock Cola - References Coca-Cola.
    Cock Cola Normal - Shape217

  • Campballs Tomato Slop - References Campbell's Tomato Soup.
    Campballs Tomato Slop - Shape211

  • Biscuits - References Triscuits.
    Biscuit - Shape220

Moped Couple

  • Moped Couple are based on two characters from the end of the French film Amelie.


    The ending scene. Notice the hairstyles and clothing.

Lawnmower Man

  • Lawnmower Man rides a lawnmower that bears resemblance to a John Deere.

Explorer Guy

  • According to the creator of Explorer Guy, Jason Schymick, Explorer Guy was based on Indiana Jones during a scene in Temple of Doom.

Santa Claus

  • Santa Claus directly references Christmas' Santa Claus, utilizing the appearance first popularized by Coca-Cola's soda campaigns in the 1930s.[1]

Akira Bike

  • An unreleased character, unofficially named Akira Bike, utilizes a vehicle based off a motorcycle from the Japanese anime film Akira.

Popular/Frequent Levels

  • Many popular levels are based off various games, people, movies, and other items in popular culture. These are countless and the most common references are different as time moves on.


  • The red text on the yellow bottle reads "Miller", referring to the Miller beer brand in America.



  1. Santa Claus in the 20th century.