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Level editor item

Object type

Special Item

Special item category

Building Blocks

Available in Happy Wheels since version


The rail in action.

The rail is a special item, found under the building blocks category, it has the design of a rail one might find in a mine shaft. It has a fixed height of 18, a maximum width of 2000, and a minimum width of 100. If the player holds space (by default) while Explorer Guy is rolling across a rail, his cart will attach to it, and you will be able to go faster, be able to go upside down, or lean. This object looks similar to the I-beam and has no other special properties, so it is likely to be used solely in levels including Explorer Guy, but there are some levels that use it just as they would a shape as the ground for any character.

This item was released in version 1.45 of Happy Wheels, along with Explorer Guy character. It is prominently featured in The Legacy of Quezal , a featured level.



  • The rail can be used as a "safe place" when using the Melt Glitch. It is also unaffected if another glitch turns all fixed items into black holes.
  • The rail will stop wrecking balls.
  • The rail takes up 2 shapes in the level editor.
  • It is unknown why the height toggle is shown in the "toggle box" when it can't be changed.
  • When attached to the rail, it can cause Explorer Guy's minecart to break when colliding with a heavy or fixed object at low speeds.



Happy Wheels - Explorer Guy

A video Jason made showing the Rail and Explorer Guy.