Pyramid O'The Gods 2
Pyramid O'The Gods 2 Horus Battle
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Date created

September 30th, 2016

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4.30 (1,900+ votes)

Playable character

Irresponsible Dad

Pyramid O'The Gods 2 is a featured level by bobisdacool1. It currently has over 600,000 plays, with a rating of 4.30 stars from just under 2,000 votes. Irresponsible Dad is the forced character.


The player starts outside at the foot of a pyramid, rigged up with explosives to breach an entrance into its side. Once the detonator is clicked and a hole blasted into the structure, the player rides into a chamber and onto an elevator, pressing the up arrow to advance to the next floor. On this floor there are two elevators leading to different floors, a info center hinting at the upcoming bosses to the right, and the first boss, Horus, to the left.

The two elevators needs to be 'unlocked' with a key to, a Silver Key to advance to the upper floor and A Gold Key to reactivate the first elevator. At present the priority would be on the former, guarded by Horus himself. This boss segment is relatively uncomplicated, simply consisting of avoiding falling pillars, forewarned by beige exclamation marks on the ground, whilst going back and forth to hit Horus until he perishes on the fourth. Then, the player will be free to take the key and advance upstairs to fight the next boss.

As you enter the chamber upstairs, the player'll be locked in and they will encounter the second boss, Isis. She primarily coordinates her attacks through laser beams projecting from a sun disc icon.* The quickest strategy would be to remain between the foremost two lasers closest to the boss, and advancing to hit whenever the opportunity presents itself. Take note, however, to remain idle after attacking Isis for the fourth time, for this will coincide with the two foremost lasers firing up simultaneously. It would also help to hold the spacebar to avoid unintentionally being propelled into the way of a laser by Isis's hitback. Taking Isis's regeneration ability into account, it should take ~8-9 hits at most with this strategy before Isis is defeated and one is free to take the Golden Key to advance to the lower floor

*For those inquiring, Each laser has a different repeating interval as well as a different initial delay. From left to right, there are 5 lasers. We give each of them a value called (x;y) where x = initial delay and y = repeat interval, then the order is like this:(2,8) (4,9) (3,11) (0,7) (1,5)

Going back to the first elevator, it will take the player to a lower chamber, where they'll encounter the final boss, Osiris. He is special in that he attacks solely through proxy via quote on quote minibosses, initiated after first hitting him. These fights for the most part are a matter of timing and avoidance, and as such they will be listed out in order of appearance for ease of reading;

  • Spider Bob & Spider Joe, 1 HP each. Hit when at ground level
  • Cobra, 3 HP
  • Ramses, 3 HP. Push him into the spiked walls and careful not to let his feet dislodge the bicycle from the ground
  • Anubis, 3 HP. Will only attack with glaive within a certain distance of him (Right foot of 2nd Anubis statue) before winding up

Defeat all the minibosses and deliver the final blow to Osiris, a chamber will open revealing the Staff of Truth. Taking it will cause a spike set to slowly creep down from the ceiling, prompting the player to make an impromptu escape by blasting an exit into the side of the pyramid with the staff. Avoid the bricks from the slowly crumbling pyramid, get to the getaway vehicle, a Lamborghini Aventator, and an ending cinematic will play.


  • The Anubis and Ramses minibosses during the Osiris segment are recurring characters from the prequel, Pyramid of the Gods. Anubis for the most part maintains his movesets from before, whereas Ramses has his black magic movesets forfeited.
  • Unlike the prequel, interactive objects, such as elevators, will not automatically activate as in the first level and will need clicking to activate. A message reminding of this will show if the player idles for some time around one.


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