Prehistoric Pilgrim
Featured Level



Date created

June 29th, 2012

Play count



4.35 (54,000+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

Prehistoric Pilgrim (formerly titled Prehistoric Pilgram) is a featured level by mgmartinec. It currently has over 69 million plays, and a rating of 4.35 from over 54,000 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character.


You begin with the dead golden knight from the previous of the level series, Renaissance Ravager. In order to avoid prosecution, you'll go inside to a laboratory, labeled "Unnatural Science Co." After crossing the room, you reach stairs, and at the bottom of the stairs, there are 2 radioactive barrels. When you pass them, you come across a big machine. Push the red button, and wait. After a few seconds, you will fall into a 'time tunnel', and will crash into some branches and vines, finding yourself in the mezosoic age.

You cross some obstacles, and find a dead stegosaurus stenops. Then, you will find an Explorer Guy NPC, who will say, "Thank god you found me. I've been stuck in this era for...", but before he can finish, a tyrannosaurus rex will eat him. After that, you have two choices: Either go forwards, or backwards to a cave. If you go forwards, you will find eggs, and a spinosaurus aegypticus. If you hit the eggs, the spinosaurus will chase you, and you'll need to go to the cave. The cave is flooded with an Plesiosaurus fossil.

Making your way through, you will exit in a small pool, climb up a broken tree, and ride a triceratops. After that, you reach the present, and kill a few people, then you reach the finish line, as well as destroying a van and making a dent on the building next to the van.


  • Sixth top rated featured level.
  • Fifth most played level.


  • This level is the third level in the series, which contains the levels The Astro Avenger, Renaissance Ravager, and Prehistoric Pilgrim.
  • There is a featured level called Prehistoric Virus, which is very similar to this one, but was made by a different author, whose name is Zsolt1000II.


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