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Featured Level



Date created

April 21st, 2012

Play count



4.04 (15,000+ votes)

Playable character

Pogostick Man

Pogoventure is a featured level by StickyFrog. It currently has over 11,800,000 plays, and a rating of 4.04 from over 15,000 votes. Pogostick Man is the forced character.


You start on some grass, with a cliff to your left, and a bridge going over a river to your right. Once you go forward, you cross the bridge. On the other side is more grass, and the ground goes down twice. To the left the third patch of grass, there is a small cliff. Once you get to the bottom of the cliff, you go forward, and in front of you is a hole that you must go down. If you jump over the hole, you will soon run into a cliff, and you must go back.

When you go in the hole, you must land on a rock ledge on the right side, or else you will fall down onto spikes. When you go forward, you must go through some small rock pillars on the floor and ceiling. There will also be some spikes on the floor here. Then, you will go in between some broken, larger rock pillars in the floor and celling. After that, there will be some rocks sticking out of the floor that are easy to go over.

You then exit the cave, and go back on the grass. The ground goes slightly downhill, and in front of you is a small red mound with a large hole in it, with a cannon hidden in it that you cannot see. Once you get in the cannon, the cannon will shoot you up, and you must go on the wooden ledge that is above you. Lastly, you go forward, onto the finish line that will cause you to win the level.


  • First featured level to feature Pogostick Man as the forced character.


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