Planet X
Planet X
Featured Level



Date created

January 6th, 2016

Play count



3.87 (1000+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

Planet X is a featured level by Kreftus. It has over 2,000,000 plays and a rating of 3.87 from over 1000 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character.


Playing as Segway Guy, the level starts with a cinematic inside a presumably crashed spacecraft, with the player discovering other crew members has gone missing. Once venturing outside you do find one of your fellow crew members, but he soon announces that 'something' has taken the Commander. He gives you an Environmental Scanner (E.S.), which will periodically provide tips in the coming obstacles, and the two of you part ways to get to the Commander separately.

You enter down into a cave complex and enter a spider nest, whenceforth the scanner promptly warns you of the hidden predator. The orthodox strategy in essence is to advance far enough into the nest until the tarantula shows itself, then immediately retreat to the mouth of the nest until the tarantula comes close enough to initiate the Scanner prompt telling you to jump on the spider and crush it. Careful not to be killed by the tarantula's mandibles or tangle yourself in its legs for they have a tendency to break Segway Guy's legs, which might make the coming obstacles more tricky.

Getting out of the spider nest and out of a tunnel into the outside world, one can either take the ground route, felling a alien toadstool tree on the way or the treetop route, jumping over some oversized mushrooms and driving through a treetop hut. Either way, the player will arrive at a hollowed out tree and a giant serpent some distances further. A Scanner prompt indicates for the player to land on the snake's head, which will promptly take the player to a cliff. Fail to stick the landing however, prepare to be mauled by alien piranhas in the pond below. The snake takes the player up onto another elevated area with several rocky outcrops. To advance, one must goes right until they encounter a corpse flower/Rafflesia of sorts, which is a cannon which will shoot the player onto a rocky outcropping, from where the player must jump onto another outcropping to the left and onto the branch of a smaller hollowed out tree. Fail to stick the landing on the second jump to the branch however, the player will fall onto an inclined outcrop from where they can go back to the Rafflesia cannon to try the jump again. Descending down the smaller hollowed tree, the player find themselves in a large cavern. Going further the player finds the missing Commander in a cage and the creature that kidnapped her, a giant chicken. The boss fight that ensues comprises mostly of the chicken throwing bones at the player, four volleys in total. The projectiles are slow enough that the trajectory should be predictable and thus relatively easy to avoid, just take care that they do not hit the head. If the player avoids all the volleys, your fellow crew member from the start of the level swings in on a tight rope and tosses you a stick of dynamite. Click on it and the dynamite will blow up the chicken, ending the level.

Additional Objectives

In addition to the main premise of rescuing the Commander, the player can also go collect the Commander's missing possessions scattered throughout the level, there being three in total. Collecting the Commander's belongings however yields no special endings or easter eggs however.

  • The Commander's lipstick can be found in an even lower cave complex accessible through the gap inbetween the exit of the spider nest and the tunnel to the outside world. There is a Rafflesia cannon to launch the player out of once the lipstick is retrieved.
  • The Commander's 'Special Friend' is found in a hidden birdperson's dwelling, which can be found after the player fells the toadstool tree on the ground route to the serpent and reverses into the incline they came down from. It is stuffed in the fruit basket next to the birdperson.
  • The Commander's ring is reached by making a leap of faith right of the rightmost rocky outcrop after the snake portion of the level. There they will find a hidden birdperson's nest carved into the rock wall with a mother and three chicks, the ring being in the mouth of the blue one.


  • There is a saucy photo inside the spacecraft, on the walls of the upper bunk bed.
  • If you ignore your fellow crew member's initial conversation and run past him, an interesting piece of dialogue shows up; "In a rush, buddy?"
  • Yet another piece of unique dialogue shows up if you get stuck too long on the oversized mushrooms on the treetop route; "F**king Shrooms."
  • As long as the location where your fellow crew member tosses the dynamite is visible onscreen, it does not matter whether one survives the final boss fight, the player can still win.


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