Dread Rocks

Dread Rocks, one of his levels.

PhysX is a very well known level creator and a moderator of Total Jerkface. He is mainly known on Happy Wheels for his very detailed levels and his ragdoll levels, such as Machinarium and Goblin Workshop FIX. PhysX had an old account, DesmondXXX, which is gone now. His most played level is North Pole Rush, with over 37 million plays. He joined Total Jerkface October 20th, 2010.

Even though, PhysX is well known for his ragdoll levels, he also has some levels, such as L.A. Noire BnW Fix, that are mostly about exploring and scenery. Many of his levels are featured, likely due to his connection to Jim Bonacci.

As a moderator, PhysX's job is to delete spam comments on the news posts, and to delete rule-breaking Happy Wheels levels.


  • Goblin Workshop FIX was formerly the 25th most played level.

Fan Art

PhysX has made various Happy Wheels fan drawings, including this drawing of Wheelchair Guy.

Artwork by PhysX.


Social Media

PhysX has a Facebook page. His YouTube account is DontGiveMeYourCrap.