Paddle Platform
Paddle Platform
Level editor item

Object type

Special item

Special item category


Available in Happy Wheels since version


The paddle platform is a special item introduced in v1.62. It consists of a fixed gray platform with a digital number display and an arrow that will glow green when activated. When prompted, such as having a player drive onto it, the rounded unfixed retangle will tilt, throwing the player at a desired angle, these angles vary from 15-90. This movement item can be reversed if needed. The speed can also be adjusted to give an extra push that one may need. If something were to get between the revolving platform, it will indeed jam. With enough force, it can also be broken, which makes sounds like breaking the lawnmower, making sparks at the axis and changing the color of the digital number display to red. This object is very similar to the spring platform.


  • The arrow turns green upon activation and is black while resting, similarly to the spring platform.
  • There can be a delay upon activation varying from 0-2 seconds, like the spring platform. Anything longer will automatically reset to 2 seconds.
  • The angle for the twisting platform can go from 15 to 90 degrees.
  • The speed can be changed from 1-10. 1 is the slowest, 10 is the fastest.
  • So far this seems to be the only movement item that can break, besides the jet which can explode. When broken, the arrow turns black and the delay time turns red.
  • The paddle platform can be broken when things get jammed in it or it is crushed by a Wrecking Ball.
  • Unlike the spring platform, the delay timer is visible even when you are not testing the level in the level editor, but it will always say "0.00" regardless of how long you set the delay to.
  • Related to the fact above, the arrow is always lit up in the level editor. The spring platform's arrows are not.
  • The paddle platform takes up 3 shapes in the level editor.


  • Making the max angle "NaN" will cause the platform to get stuck on a 90 degree angle when activated, and making the max speed "NaN" will cause the platform to activate at an extremely high speed (often breaking the platform). These glitches will not cause the melting glitch, or the black hole glitch like the spring platform.
  • Similar to the glitch above. If you set the rotation to "NaN", the socket will only be visible, but it can't be touched.
  • When using groups to hide Paddle Platforms behind the group, only the platform will be visible. However the socket is not visible.
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