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Non-Player Characters, better known as NPCs, are non-playable versions of Happy Wheels characters. They are available in the Level Editor, found in the "Characters" tab of the Special Items section. NPCs have blood, gore and sounds just like the regular characters, and several can be used in one level, however, they can't be controlled like playable characters. Currently, every playable character is included as an NPC, with all Irresponsible Dad's, Moped Couple's, Santa Claus's and Irresponsible Mom's riders considered separate characters. Due to their more complicated make-up, NPCs have the 2nd highest shape/art count than any other object. The shape count of a single NPC is 24 shapes while the art count is 10. As of now, there are 16 NPCs (pictured below the infobox).

Current NPCs as of 1.72.

Submissions for NPCs were opened as soon as the regular NPCs became available, and the first seven characters were released to the public in a .zip file (see Custom Non Playable Characters). So far, no user-submitted NPC's have been added to the level editor and Jim Bonacci has not commented on whether or not there will be any user-submitted NPCs, or any NPCs that aren't also playable characters. 

During the time the 'Mailman' character was accidentally released, he was only available as an NPC. It later turned out that 'Mailman' was actually the Indiana Jones based character, Explorer Guy. Jim said that he would make an NPC of himself sometime, but has not got around to doing so.

NPC + Interactive + Hold pose + Standing NPC!


NPCs have relatively more options than other special items. Players may adjust the character's limb joints, including their arms, legs, elbows, knees, and necks, by either using the sliders to adjust the angles or by double clicking on them and clicking and dragging the limbs to the desired pose. NPCs can be flipped horizontally, set to sleeping, and interactivity is adjustable. They can also be set to "hold pose", which, as the name suggests, has the character hold their pose instead of simply going limp during the level. Prior to the v1.75 update, this option meant that they would be completely still (almost as if they were set to the "sleeping" option). After said update, the option still made NPC's hold their pose, but there would be some joint movement involved to make it seem somewhat more "natural".

Custom NPCs

Main article: Custom Non Playable Characters

Many people make their own NPCs to be original. Many of these NPCs share the same art style as Jim, and are used in their levels.

Wheelchair Guy's torso can be seen inside Segway Guy.

Many level designers make lots of importable NPCs for others to use, like a knight, an athlete, a ninja, or even zombies.


  • An NPC cannot die when they get ripped in half or get their pelvis crushed, even 5 seconds after the occurrence. They will only die if they get stabbed in the head or if their head or body burst.
  • When you click on a Segway Guy NPC or make him transparent, you can see Wheelchair Guy's torso inside; this may be because Segway guy was constructed around Wheelchair Guy's body. This was fixed in the JavaScript remake.
  • If you position an NPC to to have their legs spread apart and their arms straight over their heads and have them hold their pose, any character but medium and large characters will move backwards by dragging their front leg towards them and lifting their back leg away from them.
  • With the initial version of the JavaScript edition, a bug was found with the Segway Guy and Santa Claus NPC's, where if one of their arms was broken in half (Segway Guy's right arm or Santa Claus's left arm), the upper arm part would be enlarged by a significant amount. This is only a visual glitch (this can be proven by doing the glitch in debug draw mode; the physical part of the arm can be seen to not change size).


  • NPCs have the most toggle options in the game.
  • The baby boy of Irresponsible Mom does not have a mouth or shadowing on his lip and under his nose. This might have been an error.
  • The NPC of the Moped Couple wife has no ears, along with her playable character.
  • NPCs cannot expand their fingers like playable characters can.
  • NPCs contain more blood than playable characters.
  • NPCs take up the second most shapes in the level editor out of all objects, behind the chain with a link count of 25 or more.
  • Obese NPCs like Effective Shopper and Santa Claus have a different physical torso shape compared to their playable counterpart.

    Effective Shopper (left) and her NPC (right) have a different torso and pelvis structure as shown in debug mode.

  • Though NPCs do not have an opacity option, you may change their opacity by setting the (uninteractive) non-player character as a group and changing the group's opacity.
  • As each NPC contains the same limb structure, they all have the same shape count regardless of size.
  • Unlike playable characters, NPCs are incapable of having their feet broken off their lower legs. This also means that NPCs will never say their voice 1 and 2 speech as they require one of their feet broken.
    • Also unlike playable characters, they don't have intestines, spines, and tendons, possibly to reduce the amount of shapes a NPC uses.
  • Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Explorer Guy, Santa Claus, Pogostick Man, Irresponsible Mom, and Helicopter Man NPCs do not wear their headgear.

    A walking NPC mechanism.

  • Walking NPCs can be made with a walking mechanism. This can be done by placing a circle in between the characters legs, placing a rectangle through the characters body, and two other smaller circles off to the side. 
  • There use to be a glitch where if you typed anything other than a number into the limb rotation values, the limb would disappear upon testing. 
  • A Segway Guy NPC in the JavaScript version doesn't have the Wheelchair Guy torso, unlike in the Flash version.

    NPCs have the shortest category in the level editor, along with Buildings and Building Blocks




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