Mystic (also called MysticSG) is a level maker and a moderator on Total Jerkface. PhysX. Mystic was the second moderator to be added to the site. Other moderators include BertiDeViL360 and Udie. He joined Total Jerkface on September 19th, 2010 and was made a moderator on December 11th, 2011. His main purpose was to get rid of copied levels that would clog up the top rated list, as well as genarally help manage the site, because Total Jerkface only had one moderator before. He does not moderate the forums or comments, he only moderates the game itself.

Mystic's first post as moderator was a post detailing his moderatorship. However, he changed his original post to "swag", presumably to show off his new found powers. As of now, Mystic rarely posts comments on the news posts and is thought to be inactive.

He is also an administrator and bureaucrat on this wiki.

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