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Available in Happy Wheels since version

1.0, 1.46, 1.48, and 1.62

Movement objects can be used to help navigate your way through a level, or can be used as hazards in some instances. There are 6 movement objects, which are the cannon, boost, jet, spring platform, paddle platform and fan. There is also a 7th movement item which is only available in the mobile level editor called the slow motion panel.


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Circus act?

The cannon.

The cannon is an object used to fire and/or transport things in a cannon-like nature. When anything enters the cannon, the cannon's delay will being. It will then start to point in the direction its firing rotation is set to (if it isn't already). After it reaches that angle with something still inside the cannon, it fires. They are sometimes used in ragdoll levels. It has been available since V1.49. 


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The boost.

The boost is a panel with yellow and black animated arrows pointing in the direction it pushes. When something collides with the boost, it will push the object in the direction it is facing. It has been available since V1.0.


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The jet.

The jet is an object similar to the jet engine on Wheelchair Guy's wheelchair. They can fire in the direction they are facing. It can be set from a speed of 1 to 10 (fastest is 10), and was popularized in jet falls. Large jets can decapitate you.


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Big fans

The fan.

The fan is an item that pushes objects in the direction it's facing. Fans are sometimes used to blow characters into hazards like spike sets. It has been available since V1.0. 

Spring Platform

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The spring platform.

The spring platform is an item that is used to bounce an object in the direction it is facing. They are usually used to make "meat" (i.e. crushed body parts) in meat factory levels. It has been available since V1.0. 

Paddle Platform

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The paddle platform.

The paddle platform was added on V1.62, and is very similar to the spring platform, only instead of pushing straight up, it can shove things away at angles. These can be broken if there is something blocking them from going back downward. The green timer will also then turn red as a result.

Slow Motion Panel (App-exclusive item)

Main Article: Slow Motion Panel

The slow motion panel is a movement item that can only be found in the mobile level editor. Just as its name suggests, it can slow down time. This occurs when a character passes through the panel. All of the characters' voices, as well as the motion of objects are slowed down. It has been around, since the release of the mobile version.

Slow Motion Panel 7