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Mobile App Level 6 (Business Guy) is the sixth level that was made for Business/Segway Guy in the Happy Wheels App.

Business Guy: Level 6

Playable character

Segway Guy


You begin in a construction site. To the right of the screen, you notice that Business Guy's path is obstructed by a tall I-beam. In order to continue, you activate a bomb that is found on the left side of the I-Beam, and after a few seconds, the bomb explodes, pushing the girder away from you, causing it to collapse onto two ledges, creating a passable bridge.

Next, you have to go down several girders, with two signs guiding you down the correct path. However, there is another path beyond the first sign, but if you decide to go in that direction instead, you will get shot at by two harpoon guns, as well as (possibly) being blown up by two homing mines, in slow motion. Once you have managed to get through this, you go across an I-beam, in which one side falls, creating a slope. Following this, you come to an elevator, which begins to ascend once you have stepped on it. You then jump off this elevator, and onto another one, bringing you down to a small area.

After this, you come across two elevators next to each other, with a wall in-between them. Once you step on the one closest to you, they begin to ascend. In order to not get killed, you should switch between elevators whenever possible (i.e. when gap in the wall is present).

Eventually, both elevators come to a halt. Here, you step off them, and you follow a sign that directs you to where you should be. From here, the finish line is visible, so you go along a joist towards it. However, before you are even able to jump onto the finish line, the joist underneath you breaks, sending you down to an area right underneath the finish line. Here, another girder is blocking you from getting to the finish, so you must, once again, activate a bomb in order to pass through. Afterwards, you step onto an elevator, which ascends until it is level with the finish line, and then, you finally jump off, completing the level.