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Mobile App Level 4 (Business Guy) is the fourth level in the Business Guy chapter in the Happy Wheels App.

Mobile App Level 4 (Business Guy)
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App-Exclusive Level

Playable character

Segway Guy


You begin on a ledge with a red button behind you, and a deactivated fan below you. You go to press the button, which activates the fan. Then, you jump off the ledge and, using the fan, you get pushed to the side and you land on a platform (had you not pressed the button beforehand, you would have fallen into a pit, where some spikes would have stabbed you, along with a homing mine, which would have blown you up). After landing, you go down some large steps, with a sign telling you to go slowly. Here, you encounter a situation which is similar to the one in the beginning, only this time, you have to jump from the ledge to reach the button. The button then activates a vertical fan, which pushes you upwards to another fan, which pushes you to the right, where you land on the ground. Here, you pass a slow sign and you reach a dark platform with two homing mines underneath it, as well as a red button next to it. Pressing the button will cause the platform to rise, but the platform will also release the homing mines in the process, which could blow you up if you do not stay on the platform.

The platform stops at an opening, where a sign indicates you to go right. As you do so, you come to several grey pistons. Here, you carefully move across them and after this, the floor comes to an end and not that far away is a short platform, with a red button sitting on it. Immediately after jumping to the platform, you press the button, which raises a dark ledge from the side of the platform. From here, you jump from the ledge and you fly into a wall with another button attached to the side of it. Upon collision with the wall, the wall breaks apart, revealing a hidden tunnel which does not take long to go through. After exiting the tunnel, you continue your way via a platform, where at the end of it, you jump onto another platform.

Finally, after jumping off the second platform, you come to a thick wall, which you smash through in slow motion. You then fly over three arrow guns that shoot you and you land on the finish line.


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