Mobile App Level 4 (Business Guy) is the fourth level in the Business Guy chapter in the Happy Wheels App.

Mobile App Level 4 (Business Guy)
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App-Exclusive Level

Playable character

Segway Guy


The player begins on a ledge with a red button behind them, while a deactivated fan sits below. Before dropping from the ledge, the player must first press the button in order to activate the fan. This will push them forward to the next part of the level. Had the player not initially pressed the button, they would've fallen right past the fan and into a pit, where a some spikes and a homing mine would kill them.

The next part of the level involves a set of stairs, which lead to another button. The task is similar to the beginning, only that the player must now jump over the ledge to reach the button, which is positioned on the side of a wall. Below the ledge is another deactivated fan, but with some homing mines beside it. While traversing the steps, a "slow" sign can also be seen. It should be adhered to, as descending the steps too quickly may cause the player to accidentally fall off the ledge without having pressed the button, thus coming into contact with the homing mines.

Once the player has pressed the button, the fan activates, which immediately pushes them up into the air. While airborne, another fan pushes them forward and they land in a passage. Here they continue onward, passing by a sign, which advises them to move slowly. The player comes to another contraption with yet another red button (seen in the image above). This time, it activates a dark-gray platform behind it, causing said platform to rise. The player must immediately get on the platform as soon as the button is pressed, because upon its ascent, two homing mines beneath the platform are freed. If the player falls off the platform or decides to not go on it all, the homing mines will immediately come after them and kill them.

Once the platform reaches its highest point, the player is able to move on. They come to a set of pistons/platforms which constantly rise and descend, each at a different rate. After this, the player finds themselves near another button. However, in order to reach it, they must first jump over a hole that is located in front of them. Here, one must be careful, as there isn't ample space surrounding the button for Business Guy to easily land on (missing the landing area will cause Business Guy to fall directly into a set of spinning spikes).

Upon pressing the button, a ledge from the side of a wall (below the button) suddenly comes into view. It rotates until it is protruding outward, perpendicular to the wall. This ledge aids the player in getting to the next part of the level, where another button can be seen, this time on a large wall.

The player must jump from the ledge and hit the button, but as soon as they make contact with it, the wall suddenly breaks apart and the player is instead sent through a giant tunnel. They exit out the other side, where they reach several large stationary platforms. The player must jump from one to the next without falling to the rotating spike sets below. At the last platform, they must speed up and jump over a gap. While in the air, the player breaks through another wall. Here, they fly over several arrow guns (which start shooting at the player) and land directly on the finish line (for the last couple of actions, a slow motion effect is added).


  • There is a hidden passage right underneath the tunnel. It can be accessed by going on the first platform as intended, but then reversing into the wall that is under the tunnel. This hidden area, however, doesn't seem to lead anywhere and the furthest the player can go back is going near the first rotating spike set.


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