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Mobile App Level 3 (Business Guy) is the third level in the Business Guy chapter in the Happy Wheels App.

Mobile App Level 3 (Business Guy)
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App-Exclusive Level

Playable character

Segway Guy


You start off in a lengthy opening. Right after exiting it, you enter a large area, where you simply have to cross three oscillating, triangular platforms. However, they cover such great distances that staying on one of them will cause them to lift you into some spikes on the ceiling, killing you. If you fall off one of the platforms or do not make the jump from the opening to the first platform, you can just pass through the area on the ground, without having to use the platforms, however, this will make the platforms move faster and will cause them to basically act as crushers.

After exiting the area, you make your way through a passage. Along the way, you pass by an arrow gun which starts to shoot you, and afterwards, you carefully manoeuvre past three rapidly spinning objects, which slowly bob up and down. The passage then curves to the left, where you go into a large circle. Moments later, a small section of the bottom part of the circle disappears, causing you to fall through a thin hole and land on the ground. After that, you proceed to a spring platform. It pushes you into the air and you pass through a transparent block which, immediately after passing through it, turns opaque, indicating that you can land on it. You then go through the same obstacle.

Now, the journey is split into two paths and you can choose which path to take. By taking the path to the right, you jump over short bump and you start to roll down the steep ground until you fall into a pit filled with several homing mines; you are then closed off and you get blown up. By taking the path to the left, on the other hand, you get pushed up by a tall boost and you enter a passage. As you move through it, you encounter another boost, which boosts you forward and you roll up the side of a loop, where you trigger the finish.


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