Mobile App Level 3 (Business Guy) is the third level in the Business Guy chapter in the Happy Wheels App.

Mobile App Level 3 (Business Guy)
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App-Exclusive Level

Playable character

Segway Guy


The player begins in a tunnel that leads to a large area. This area contains three large triangular platforms that constantly move up and down. The player must traverse said platforms without falling off (as the platforms start speeding up when the player reaches the floor, turning into crushers) or hitting the spikes above.

The player then leaves the area and makes their way through a long passage. Here, they encounter several obstacles, the first being an arrow gun, followed by some rapidly spinning spiked objects, which oscillate like the platforms in the beginning. After this, the path quickly makes a sharp left turn, leading the player into a circular room. A hole can be seen at the very bottom, but is initially blocked by the edge of the room. The player must wait for a few seconds so that that specific part of the edge disappears.

After falling through the hole, the player then comes to a spring platform. Once on it, the platform pushes the player up into the air, where they pass through a transparent shape. The shape immediately turns opaque, which is an indicator that the character will land on it, instead of falling back down to the platform. What follows is the same mechanism.

At this point, the player seemingly has two paths they can take: the one with a boost or the one with a descending passage. The only actual choice is the former, as the path in front of the player leads to a pit of homing mines. Once the player enters the boost, they are taken to new location. Here, the player makes their way to another boost, which pushes them into a circular area, where the victory is triggered.


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