Mobile App Level 2 (Business Guy) is the second level in the Business Guy chapter in the Happy Wheels App.

Business Guy Level 2
BG 2 full shark
App-Exclusive Level

Playable character

Segway Guy


The level starts with Business Guy falling down a pipe, which leads to the interior of a building. Once inside, a poster of a fish with the word "Lost" on it can be seen, signalling the player to try and find it. What first follows is a small platform. This takes the player up to a bridge, which they must simply cross. However, staying on it for a few seconds will cause it to break in half, sending the player to a fast spinning object underneath.

Afterwards, the player falls down a hole, which takes them to a new area. Here, they pass by a window (where a shark is briefly seen) and reach an oscillating platform. Although the platform can act as a bridge for the player to continue with the level, it can also act as a crusher if the player accidentally falls under it or stays on it for too long. Further on, the player comes to a tall boost, which sends them up to another location.

In this area, a new obstacle is encountered, where several large spinning triangles are seen on the floor and ceiling, making it more difficult to carry on without being pushed back. Right after this, the player passes between two spring platforms facing each other (essentially acting as crushers when activated by a stationary Business Guy), before heading towards another hole.

This hole leads the player to an elevator, with an entrance to a passage above it. The elevator is seen continuously moving up and down, but it doesn't go high enough to reach the passage. What the player must do is take the elevator until it reaches its highest point and then move into a little area that can be found beside it. Once the elevator reaches its lowest point, the player must leave the area and stay on the roof of the elevator. The player can then enter the passage, once the elevator comes to its maximum altitude again.

The passage leads to another hole, which directly goes to a tank with the missing fish inside it. Once the player falls in there, the words "Found Him!" appear and the victory is activated.


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