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Mobile App Level 1 (Irresponsible Dad) is the first level in the Irresponsible Dad chapter in the Happy Wheels App. This level teaches the player on how to control the character.

Irresponsible Dad: Level 1

Playable character

Irresponsible Dad


You begin in a large, orange building. One the screen, there is a yellow arrow that points to the "decelerate" button. You go back and you flick a switch that lowers a platform. There then is a yellow arrow that points to the "accelerate" button. You go forwards and you go onto the platform. It then brings you up to a slope. You go down the slope, and you reach another platform that you must go onto. This platform brings you down to an area where there are spinning swords in front of you, and a path behind you. Another yellow arrow appears on-screen, pointing at the "decelerate" button, which tells you that you must go back. As you go back, you go down down another slope and you come to another platform that lowers you to the ground, and now, you are outside the building.

You go forwards and you come to two boosts that speed you up. You then go up a small ramp, you fly over a gap and you land. Here, there are a few short, black posts that you must go over. The screen now shows two yellow arrows: One of them points to the "accelerate" button, while the other points at a button that allows you to flip to the right.

After passing these small posts, you pass a stop sign and you reach an edge. Here, an arrow points at a new button, the "brake" button. A platform is then lowered, creating a bridge. You go across the bridge, and you reach another boost that speeds you up. You go up another ramp, you fly over a narrow gap, and you land.

You continue and you pass another stop sign. A yellow arrow points at the "brake" button again, and a large block, with spikes on the bottom of it, falls on the ground, in front of you. After this, an arrow appears, pointing at the "decelerate" button, signalling you to go back. You then go through a path that goes underground. You go forwards, you are sped up by a boost and you go up a small ramp. You then fly over a wide gap and you land on the surface and you cross the finish line.


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