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Business Guy Level 11
MobileBusinessGuyLvl11 1.PNG
App-Exclusive Level

Playable character

Segway Guy

Mobile App Level 11 (Business Guy) is the eleventh level that was added to the Business Guy chapter in the Happy Wheels App.


The level is set in a large construction site. The player begins atop a building, which entirely consists of I-beams (as with every other structure in the site). The player then makes their way an adjacent building, before reaching a horizontal girder with some rope attaching it to a hook above. As soon as the character steps on it, the girder is hoisted up and shortly after stops at a series of buildings, which the player must jump across. However, a wrecking ball and a few landmines are also present, heightening the difficulty (although warning signs notify the player of nearby landmines). Furthermore, some of the gaps between each building are very wide, requiring the jump button to be pressed only when the character is on the edge of a building, as this will allow the character to make the jump.

Once all this is completed, the player jumps over a set of landmines and reaches an I-beam with a visible pivot at its centre. This causes it to rotate from side-to-side when the character is on it. There is an area above the entrance to the I-beam, where the player must head to. The only way is by angling the I-beam, such that a slope is created between the character and that area. Staying on one edge of the I-beam for too long, will make it difficult for Segway Guy to gain speed, which could lead to him falling off. Right after this, an I-beam platform, like the one in the beginning, drops down next to this area. Once on the platform, the player is once again taken to the top of another building. This time, they must jump over a set of landmines, while avoiding a wrecking ball in the floor below (the range of the wrecking ball allows the ball to reach points above its ceiling, giving it the ability to easily harm the player).

What follows are two miniature versions of the aforementioned rotating I-beam. The player must jump from one to the other without falling off, while also avoid being killed by an arrow gun. They then come to the third and final platform, which lifts them up several accessible floors. The only correct one is indicated with an arrow sign. Picking the other floor or waiting on the platform for too long will lead to the character's death (the wrong floor contains a spike set, while the platform eventually leads to some homing mines). Once the right path is chosen, the player can safely proceed to the finish line.


  • Due to players finding this level quite difficult to complete (mainly because of the series of jumps towards the beginning), Jason Schymick made a walkthrough video on this particular level.
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