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Business Guy Level 10
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App-Exclusive Level

Playable character

Segway Guy

Mobile App Level 10 (Business Guy) is the tenth level that was added to the Business Guy chapter in the Happy Wheels App.


The player starts off next to two vertical spike sets: one beneath the floor and one above the ceiling. The spike sets periodically move in opposite directions to one another and collide midway, before returning to their original locations. This obstacle can easily crush the character or impale them if the character is near the wall of spikes.

The player is then boosted up a ramp and flies past several arrow guns, which begin shooting. Depending on the player's altitude, they could either miss the next part of the level by falling into a pit of homing mines soon after the ramp or will enter one of two tunnels (of which, the nether one contains a few hurdles). The top one is initially hidden, making it look like it isn't there. Both, however, lead to the same elevator.

The elevator brings the player to a new location. Here, a yellow button is seen on the floor, along with an encased homing mine in the air. Touching the button must be avoided, as it will free the homing mine, which -due its high speed - is highly unlikely to escape from.

Further on, the player ascends some steps and reaches the same spike set obstacle from the beginning of the level, only now a second copy appears right behind it. After this are two harpoon guns, one of which is appears above the player, while the other below them. They can only shoot when the player passes through an empty area between the two guns. However, every couple of seconds, they are briefly blocked by two thin yellow shapes, which also act as a bridge for the player to go across.

Immediately afterwards, the player goes down a descending passage, gains speed, and goes up a ramp, flying past two arrow guns (a similar situation as before, only now if the player gains enough altitude, they will collide with a spike set above). Once this obstacle is completed, the player reaches the end of the level.