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Special item

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Available in Happy Wheels since version


The meteor is a special item that consists of a large sphere with brown coloring and craters. Its diameter can be adjusted from 200 to 600, with the height and width always being equal, due to it being spherical. The meteor is very dense and can crush almost all objects with ease. Meteors are possibly the rarest objects to be found in normal levels due to its huge size. It is the heaviest special item in the game. It is also the largest object currently found in Happy Wheels which is not made using shapes. As the name suggests, the meteor comes from space. It is one of the many items added in the original release of Happy Wheels.


  • The meteor is often used in "Run" levels where you try to run from the meteor.
  • The meteor might even stop an object from rotating like the ultimate spin glitch.
    • It also takes the longest to melt under the melt glitch, not counting shapes that is larger than the meteor.
  • Although called a meteor, it should be called a meteorite, as that is the correct term used for when a meteor hits the surface.
  • When leaned on by the character (not vehicle), it will roll quite easily.