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  • I live in Kerch
  • I was born on July 16
  • I am male
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  • Um, sorry, but you continuously keep adding pointless edits to wiki pages. Each page is designed to have information regarding the subject, not about the something you think is funny and should be added. You can read our wiki rules for more information.

    You're more than welcome to edit pages, but please follow these basic guidelines:

    • Don't add pointless or near-duplicate images. We have enough images.
    • If you are going to add an image, please make sure you make it as high quality as possible, and ensure it's a .png file.
    • Use correct grammar when editing an article.
    • Don't add pointless categories.
    • Don't add pointless or spam information that has nothing to do with the article (such as your edit on Jim's page).
    • Ensure information you add is correct and can be proven.
    • Do not edit pages for badges.

    Hopefully you can follow these basic guidelines, because every edit you have submitted has been undone. I believe you are doing these edits just for badges (as you asked how to view your badges). Well, um, please don't do this, it just spams up the wiki with pointless edits. Badges won't really get you anywhere, they're more of a novelty...

    If you need some help with something, you can ask, but editing just for badges won't help.

    If this keeps up, I will have no choice but to ban you, sorry, but rules are rules.

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  • Some of the categories you add got removed from the pages because they are either unneeded, spam, or previously deleted. Try going on the category page to see if the category's description relates to this type of article in an acceptable way or if it got deleted earlier.

    For example, the "Popular Levels" category. You added that to featured level articles with a rating less than 4 stars. We do not keep that to those articles because of its description. Another example is the "Site administration" category. Since that got deleted, we won't use it.

    I've also noticed you've been doing those edits just for a badge. Don't do that, it's a rule on the wiki. Please read the rules so you won't get blocked again.

    (You could always talk to Bertwb for any more help or something.)

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  • Please do not add any unneeded categories (such as "levels based on something"), photos, infomation (such as a comparison with yourself). We consider that as spam. I might have to block you if you continue to do this too much.

    BTW, I will not increase the chance of blockage if you add any minorly unneeded stuff, only if it is COMPLETELY unneeded (such as PewDiePie related stuff), I might block you.

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